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Hi Marie I have a question about a really close friend that I have had over the years. We don't see each other much because he lives in another state but we have a great friendship over the phone, however in person things can Be a bit different there's a lot of tension and misunderstandings between us that I hate because I like him so much and I don't want to loose him I want to know if there's anyway you can tell me what he is feeling about "us" and is there anything or anyone stopping him from being that person he is "over the phone" in person

Hi Dre, if there's someone else behind the scenes, it's not another female/girlfriend, it looks like other people get in his ear, telling him things, and trying to convince him of things that aren't true. They seem to you are after him with not so honest motives. I think he feels less threatened over the phone-he is listening and confused, so if he could clear his head of these people. I think it's more than one, and I have a strong feeling it's family-his mother? Because of this, it's hard to see anything heartfelt. Is he around others when he sees you? Like, do you think he's trying to put on this different attitude to please the people he's with? Let me know what you think. I just started reading again, and I'd like to know if any of this makes any sense. Thanks for your answer-Marie

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Hi everybody-I will answer any type of every day question-love,money,etc.,but can only give the timing of events in proximations. I use the Rider-Waite deck for confirmation of the information received, but I basically read intuitively. I've had advanced tarot card training, along with three years of offering accurate readings to people who write in with questions here at AllExperts.


I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses. People who I have already read for say that I am a very good reader, and can pick up a lot of details from just a few cards. My ratings and feedbacks from querents are also a testement to my abilities.

I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses at the local community college and new age shops in my locality.

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