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Hi my name is Dreunna rivers dob may 20. 1992 I have a question about a Brandon Barnes dob Nov.20 1985 he has been a really good friend of mine over the years we have a great relation ship over the phone but in person there a lot of misunderstanding and mixed emotions between. Us two I really like him and want us to continue being friends and I'm willing to work things out my question to you is will be willing to do the same?

Hello Dreunna, thanks for contacting me with your question, I am using my Witches tarot deck, the card for you is The World - which says when you feel whole and complete within yourself, your relationship with anyone will feel whole and complete. Seek first to find the happiness, contentment and peace within you, then each and every one of your relationships... including loving ones will be filled with happiness. It's like you will be in the flow of love, so you just won't be able to help 'making love' with the world around you. When you start becoming this Dreunna, then Brandon will fall out of your life and new people matching your energy frequencies will enter the picture......Here ends this short session, wishing you the best.

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