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Hi Marie. I was wondering what message spirit has for me now? Thank you! :)

Name: Laura Rocha
DOB: 09/27/96

You are undertaking some project now, and you are supposed to keep going on with it. It is going to be good for you. I don't see you giving it up anyway. It looks like you are actually constructing something really big and bold. I see lots of strong energy around you regarding it. I just started reading again, so
let me know if any of this sounds right. Are you leading this project? It looks so strong and bright. Good Luck and thanks for writing. --Marie

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Hi everybody-I will answer any type of every day question-love,money,etc.,but can only give the timing of events in proximations. I use the Rider-Waite deck for confirmation of the information received, but I basically read intuitively. I've had advanced tarot card training, along with three years of offering accurate readings to people who write in with questions here at AllExperts.


I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses. People who I have already read for say that I am a very good reader, and can pick up a lot of details from just a few cards. My ratings and feedbacks from querents are also a testement to my abilities.

I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses at the local community college and new age shops in my locality.

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