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sb wrote at 2006-06-21 04:06:33
Umm I wouldn't put too much weight on that  free fortcast. I applied and they basically can surmise what you want to hear from the information you give them.  They also told me that I was going through a rare period of transit within the next 72 days, and if I didn't seek professional help (meaning paying them for services)I would miss out on many things.  They predicted a turn around in my love life, my job, etc. But only if I sought their help for a fee. So be a little skeptical because they likely send the same email out to everone and change their names.  

Barb wrote at 2006-08-25 02:17:32
Actually I don't know very  much either about a 72 day transit. But the web site that Matt was on, I also was on. Jenna also told me recently (Aug. 2006) that I was in a 72 day transit. She also spoke of financial gain and victories in my career. She was willing to guide me through this transit period. When I followed her link to do just that, there was a fee attached. Matt, if you are reading this, your reading was pretty much the same as mine. I noticed that we share the same birthdate (different year though). Other than that, I don't think this 72 day transit period is for real.


Nancy wrote at 2006-10-15 20:40:33
Hi! My name is Nancy,

I also read up on the 72 day transit.

Jenna will ask if you are employed, then she will tell you that you will be getting a big promotion BUT you must pay her first to find out where, when and how.

She will also ask if you are married, single or have a problem with an ex. In my case, I told her I was still in love with my ex. She responded saying he was going to resurface soon and she would tell me the date if i paid her.

I emailed Jenna almost the same question again from a different email address. She gave me a different date! So now I know that none of it is true!

Nicole wrote at 2007-06-04 22:27:21
Hi Matt, unfortunately the so-called 'individual reading' you received is a bit of a scam designed to lure people over to handing over their money.

You can enter any DOB and you will get the same promise from her about a magical 72 day Transit period.

In my experience it is better to meet with someone face to face for 'psychic' readings.

Grimnir wrote at 2007-08-02 22:51:51
I can probably give you the answer to this as I've had the same message with the names changed - it's a con to get you to part with $60 for the full reading. Nothing in her message to you will be unique, it can all apply to a large number of people I'll bet (as I say, I've just read mine, all about the super duper 72...). Get someone to do you a real reading, someone who doesn't just direct you to a webpage online which can automatically insert your name where needed.

Mili wrote at 2008-04-30 16:51:32
I was inquiring about this same question and found you guy's. Thank you! what a big hoax..I too was given a BIG 72 days great things are going to turn around for me from Jenna and yeah want's 60.00 dollars from me. I can not believe I ALMOST did that..Hmm Thank you for your input..This taught me a lesson!! Thanx

mary lou wrote at 2010-04-12 00:03:36
please tell matt to google:astrology transit 72?Then click onto the website:martiniscandals:meet jenna the astrolger. He may think twice about receiving a reading. He could also try the address:http//martiniaddict.blogspot.com/2006/meetjenna-astrologer.html

Fe wrote at 2010-05-02 17:35:47
i find this discussion very helpful. thanks!

when i did not respond to her reminder, she gave me a discount :)

Md.HAbibur Rahman wrote at 2010-07-06 12:17:20
I also found about 42 days transit which would occurduring may-june.and jena asked me to contact an astrologer to grab the opportunity also she was interested to help me in terms of payment.But I disagreed.The ultimate cheat is sara freder,Beware of her.

Utsha wrote at 2015-07-10 11:49:40
Yes it's all fake because the same email is send to everyone n she too told dat I will hav a transit period of 72days where she can feel positive developments in  my love life,professional life too n how can each n everyone hav same future  

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