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Tattoos/ink leaking into my skin


Tracy wrote at 2011-10-25 10:57:46
I have the same thing happen to me with my last two tattoo's. Both were done with a machine though and the same artist and on my upper leg and both have had the green ink spread around the tattoo even where no green was used. It is really frustrating. My first one 6 months ago has faded slightly and my second one which was more recent is much worse, the green is very noticeable and spreads about 2cm's out. I went to a tattoo removalist who said it had to do with the healing process and the thyroids. Not sure how but supposedly because my tattoos aren't located close to the thyroid it would take longer for this excess ink to fade. I have 14 tattoo's all with no problems except these two and again both in the same place, both by the same artist and both with the green spreading. Wish I knew why it happened or hw to get rid of it because now I'm too scared to get anymore. I hope you have better luck with your's then I have.

"Big Don" wrote at 2012-12-19 14:16:50
This was caused by an in-experienced tattooer putting the Pigment into the Muscle Tissue.  The needle penetrates the epidermis and into the Dermis.  That is as far as it should go.  By going into the Muscle Tissue, the Pigment will spread sometimes only slightly, but I have seen (especially with Green Pigments) as far as 1/2".  This is totally unacceptable for anyone representing themselves as a Professional Tattoo Artist.  Find yourself an Experienced Tattoo Artist and although it cannot be removed, it can be cleverly hidden.


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