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I have been contemplating getting my first tattoo done in pearl/white and gold colors. I have fairly light skin which usually tans in the summer due to my love of the outdoors. I was wanting to get the tattoo along my hip bone extending up my side to the bottom of my ribcage. I want the tattoo to be mostly pearl/white with metallic gold accents.

However, I have been researching, and white tattoos don't seem like they are that common, much less gold ones. Is the tattoo I've described possible? Are there additional health risks involved due to the uniqueness of the ink colors? Also, will the colors fade quickly, and what will they look like when they fade? How often will I have to do touch-ups? Is there a way to apply the white so that it does not look like a scar?  

Thank you so very much, this means a great deal to me and I sincerely appreciate it! Thank you!

Please let me answer your query in 5 stages:
1. Yes gold is possible, as is just about any color in a tattoo. How well it is done depends largely on the skill level of the artist, so choose yours very carefully and ask to see some of his / her metallic style work before making a decision.

2. No, there is no additional health risk as long as the artist is using proper inks and following good sanitary practices. ( Check the lot number and expiry date on the ink bottles).

3. Fading is a real possibility, but you can minimize the effect by using a good sunblock on the tattoo. ( I personally recommend SPF 60 or better).

4. White ink can be beautiful if done right and it will not look like a scar. Have you artist use a good, thick ink ( I personally like Starbrite brand white), and use the proper needle set ( magnums are very handy for this).

5. If the tattoo is done right and the inks are of top quality, no touch-ups should be needed.


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