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Tattoos/Foot tattoo healing okay?


I got the top of my foot tattooed with purple flowers about 6 days ago. The swelling is completely gone and I am able to walk on it again. My tattoo is now starting to crack and scab pretty thick in the middle of the flowers where the tattoo artist filled in the black ink. The rest of my tattoo seems to have a thinner peel and scab happening. I am just wondering if the middle of the flowers cracking and scabbing is normal? I know the rest of my tattoo looks like its scabbing normally, but I don't know why the middle of the flowers are cracking so badly and so thick? I put unscented Lubriderm on it about 2-3 times a day whenever it feels dry and itchy but I am not sure when the scabbing will go away. The color underneath the scab looks a lot lighter as well...but I don't know if that's from the scabbing or if the color is fading?

Also, my foot is still tender where he tattooed over my bone and hurts only for a few seconds when I stand up from long should that last for?  It also still feels a little tight, is this normal?

Please help! Just want to make sure it's healing normally!


Scabbing is pretty normal and will go away over the next week or so (scabs can be on for as long as 2 weeks). Feet tattoos can be more scabby sometimes, the key is to keep that scab on so it will keep the ink in. Still foot tattoos often loose ink and need to be touched up.

It is always a good idea to talk to your tattoo artist as s/he is on the spot and can see what is happening in person.

Good Luck,

Sasha Merritt, CPCP  


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