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Infinity tattoo
Infinity tattoo  
QUESTION: I got a tattoo 4 days ago and she completely messed up and did a horrible job the outline is not straight and also the A initial looks like there is an E at the end I hate it!! I am planning to get this fixed at soon as its done healing and maybe fix it up with some flowers to cover up mistakes! I am attaching a pic of what she did and was wondering if u had any ideas of what to do!!! I am so upset and disgusted by her work!!  
Thank you"

ANSWER: Danielle-

It is awful to get a tattoo you don't like. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to work with this tattoo, is mostly a matter of what you want. You can go over the infinity symbol to make the lines smoother, it would likely lose the shadowing, but it would look better. The loop at the end of the "A" can be made into a simple flower or other nice flourish.

I would recommend visiting a couple of tattoo shops and looking at the portfolios of the artists to find one or two that do work you like. Pay attention to the cover up and addon work that they do. Then set up a consult with at least two artists to get opinions and ideas of what will work and what you like.

Many things will cover and change the tattoo, make super sure that any additional ink is something that you actually like, not just something to cover what you don't like.

Start focusing on what you want and not on what you dislike about the tattoo, this will help to make sure the new work will be something you actually like. I have done cover ups of cover ups because the client was in such a hurry to get rid of the tattoo they didn't like, they were focused on just putting anything that would cover rather than finding new art that they actually like for its own sake.

Take your time and find an artist that does work that you like and whose covers are good and who has ideas that you really like, not just something that will cover.

Good Luck!
Sasha Merritt

Dragonfly Ink  

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QUESTION: Hi sorry to bother you but I spoke with a tattoo artist and he was trying to tell me that I have to either laser it off or do a BIG coverup and I don't want to do either!!! I am so upset and just wish someone could draw up a nice flower to fix it or maybe change the infinity sign into a flower but still have the initials!!! What do u think about what he said!!


Yes, if you cover the whole infinity symbol it may need to be somewhat bigger, how big will depend on the flower and style. But maybe you can just have the symbol made thicker so it will be smooth, this will keep it the same size.

Different artists will have different opinions which is why I sill recommend looking at the portfolios of several artists to find one or two that do work you like. Pay special attention to the cover ups and add on work that they do. Make sure it is looks good and avoid any artists who have cover ups that are mostly dark or black. There is some great cover up art out there and keep looking at work until you see really nice cover tattoos.

Then set up a consult with at least two artists to get opinions and ideas of what will work and what you like.

Good Luck.


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