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Tattoos/Tenderness and swelling normal????


I got a tattoo on my foot about a week ago I have some questions about the pain and tenderness..

In the morning after I wake up is when the swelling happens and my toes turn red for a little bit and it hurts the most. But after I walk around for 10-15 minutes its mostly fine the rest of the day. I still have little flare ups where itll get red and swell for a few seconds if I stand on it weird or for a long time but I just want to make sure that its normal after a week?

Also, it's still tender on some spots on my foot...mainly over where he tattooed the bone. I can walk on it fine but just wondering when the tenderness and random swelling will go away.

I just don't want to be worrying for nothing!


It isn't uncommon for foot tattoos to swell or even bruise, it isn't even super uncommon for it to be tender for some time. So it likely is in the normal healing process. Remember you are on your feet and it puts stress on the healing process. It is always good to talk to your tattoo artist in person as s/he is on the spot and can see what is happening better than I.

As long as it is improving, even if slowly, I'd not worry.  Of course, don't substitute online advice for your own judgement and if you are concerned, if it doesn't get better or gets worse, contact your health care professional.

Again, maybe check in with your artist as s/he is there and can answer your questions.

Good Luck

Sasha Merritt


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