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looks like now
looks like now  
I got this tattoo on april 30 2013 I did what she told me to wash it every hour for the first 24 hours blot to dry with paper towel and cover with a d ointment and keep shoes off. but know it looks like this and she said she don't stand behind foot tattoos because of shoes what's your option on this and what should I do


Feet tattoos are tricky, Because of the nature of the skin on the foot, as well as shoes, tattoos on feet often don't look as nice as on other parts of the body. Ink falls out and the lines blur quicker than other parts of the body. It looks like this is what happened here. I also don't include feet tattoos in my free touch ups as it is super common for ink not to stay well in feet. This isn't one of the things they talk about in the tv shows when they do feet.

It is possible to have more pigment put in to replace ink that came out and it will look better. Talk to your artist about putting more ink in, it might be an additional charge, but often the second time the ink stays in and can improve it.  

Also, I generally suggest only washing 1-2 times a day, but this probably isn't really what caused the ink to fall out although it didn't help.

Defiantly get more in and I think it will help.

Good luck!
Sasha Merritt
Dragonfly Ink Tattoo  


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