Are there any temporary tattoos that look very nearly like the real thing? Maybe something they might use in movies on actors that aren't that committed to the role? lol. Or for those who want to see how the real thing might be like over time?


Most temp tattoos do not really look or act like the real thing. I think they use a kind of body paint in movies, but it isn't going to last long. There is also some airbrush body paint that supposedly lasts a week or so, but it I'm doubtful. For sure, you can't wash the area.

Henna can last a couple of weeks on the hands and feet, but only days on other parts of the body. Be cautious of so called black henna, as it may not be super healthy to put on skin.

All of these options are good for temporary testing out how you like a tattoo, but will not actually mimic how it will heal or change over time.

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