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Tattoos/need help with creatimg an arm sleeve tattoo


I have been wanting to get my full right arm tattooed for years now. I do have two paw prints on my inner right wrist already. I love animal print, so I'd like to incorporate leopard print into it but I can't think of what would go with that. I obviously want it to look good, & unique but most sleeve tattoos are tribal and I don't like the idea of having tribal in it. Any ideas on what would suite my theme?

I'm not saying I will get exactly what I'm told on here I just need some ideas to help inspire and create my tattoo.


Art is so subjective and personal, especially tattoo art. This is a bit more complicated a questions for this format and it needs much more personal attention.

What I would suggest is to take a look online at some shops in your area, check out the various artist's portfolios and find 2-3 who do work that you like. Then set up consultations to talk about what you want and her/his ideas. This way you can get a feel for some different ways to approach your sleeve and find a good match.

It is best to do this in person so you can collaborate on ideas to come up with great art for your sleeve.

Good Luck!


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