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Hello, I am a 36 yr. old African American woman with dark brown skin. I never had children. I have stretch marks over 1 of my breasts, sides of both hips and a very annoying set of 3 on each side above my butt crack. I did not take care of my skin when I was an adolescent and I am very curvy. I really never cared for tattoos in the past but creams and laser surgery do not work on white stretch marks. I love butterflies and I would like a butterfly tattoo with black, red, yellow and orange to cover each side of the three stretch marks over my butt (not on the lower back). The stretch marks are about 17 years old. What do you think?


You could do the butterflies, but I might suggest you look into skin needling as it can work really work well for stretch marks. I've done it for all kinds of skin tones, including African American tones.

I'd recommend you look in your area to see if there are practitioners in your area. Also you can look at the American Academy of Micropigmentation is a good resource as well as Susan Church in Southern California (she does training in needling).

I'd see about this first if you aren't sure about tattoos. Lines will look a little different when they go through the stretch marks so work with an artist to take that into account when designing and tattooing it.

Good Luck,
Sasha Merritt
Dragonfly Ink


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