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I was wondering if you might help me. I included a picture of some architecture above a bridge I absolutely love and that holds a lot of meaning to me, but am struggling trying to generate ideas of how to turn it into a small tattoo. I'd like to somehow incorporate the curves and lines of the architecture into a triangle-shaped tattoo, and was wondering if you could at all help me with that! Also, another question regarding small tattoos, can they be intricate but small? Or is this not possible? Thank you so very much!


The best way to have a tattoo designed is to do some research into local tattoo artists. Look for artists who does work you like and are inspired by. Then talk to a couple of artists and see who has ideas that you like and who seems like a good fit.

Most professional artists will not draw for free so expect to leave a deposit for the drawing. This deposit usually goes to the cost of the tattoo. It often is best to have the person who will tattoo also be the person who designs the art.

There are lots of great artists out there so you should be able to find an artist who does work that is in the area of what you want.

Size it a big issue. The smaller you go the less detail and intricacy it can have. The pigment will spread and move over time and it will end up a blurry mess if there is too much going on. Old tattoos that look bad mostly are due to the lack of planning for this natural occurrence.

Good Luck


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