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Sasha Merritt,

  I'm a high school student at Concord High School in Elkhart, IN and I have been doing research for a paper due next friday in my AP lit class. I have decided to do my essay over the evolution of tattoos in our society and I am in need of personal contacts. I currently have 4 tattoos and have been tattooed for only about 3 and a half hours but it might help that you know I am experienced. If you could take the time to answer a few questions I would greatly appreciate it! First I would like to know about the life of a female tattoo artist whether in regards to your family's views on it, any odd experiences you've had, any difficulty finding jobs (or perhaps its easier?), or anything else you could include. I find that being a female tattoo artist is a strong statement in today's world and the acceptance of this art form even more beautiful! One other question I have would be what you believe regarding age limits on tattoos. How young is too young and at that limit, should one be able to get any tattoo anywhere, even if the artist sees it as a bad idea? I would love to have your opinion! Thank you so much!

         -Madison Wrisley


Apologies for the delay. You have asked interesting insightful questions. They are pretty involved and require a bit more time than this format can offer. I'd recommend you talk to local tattoo artists and see if you can set up a time for a brief conversation. Many artists have very tight schedules so don't be discouraged if it takes a couple tries. But if you are respectful and considerate of their time, you likely will find someone who can take some time to talk to you.

Good Luck!


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