Are there some tattoo designs that have definite meanings? I don't mean like gang signs or foreign language words and symbols. Like thorns wrapped around someone's bicep or ankle I see often enough. Does that mean anything?

Not to seem racist but do people of darker skin tone tend to get mostly dark tattoos or do they as much as white people use bright colors and designs? Honestly when I see black guys with tattoos I can barely make out what it is of because of low contrast with their skin.

Is there an age when skin is too wrinkled to be a good surface to work on?

Those particular types of tattoos(thorny armbands) have no real meaning, but the Maori tribals DO have meaning.
African Americans usually get the same dark ink and bright color tattoos as everyone else. There really is no difference.
As for age, it doesn't really matter, as a good artist can work on skin of any age and make it work.


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