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When developing a product for the tattoo process and aftercare products themselves, is the use of glycerin in the formulation at low use levels; below 12% by weight frowned upon by artists? Does the vision of glycerin on the label become a turnoff to the product regardless of how efficacious the product is itself? Upon initial development  of a tattoo glide and aftercare product we got some feedback stating that the use of glycerin will fade inks. But i would like to know if this is only high use levels of it. Regardless it would have to go on the label.

You have been totally misinformed!
There is absolutely no problem with the use of glycerine!
As a matter of fact the optimum aftercare products have water and glycerine as their two main ingredients!
The water soothes the tattoo and the glycerine lessens the waters surface the soon so it can penetrate deeper and help cool and heal the tattoo.
Those are the facts!


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