Hi!  I've got a question about etiquette:  I was tattooed by a great guy who later opened his own shop.  We've been in contact about him doing something else for me (at his own shop now) but he is suuuper booked out.  He just hired a new guy that looks really talented, and might be more available.  Is it poor form for me to book an appointment with the new guy?  Do I need to stick with my guy since we have a working relationship already?

You will hear a couple of different schools of thought on this matter, but if you want the "bare bones" answer it is this simple:
YOU are the client, and it is YOU who is paying for and wearing the tattoo!
With that in mind, it is completely YOUR choice whom you get to do each and every piece of ink that you get, and it doesn't really matter what anyone says about it.
A true professional knows and respects this fact and will be fine with whatever choice you make.Only someone with an inflated ego will be upset with you, and the question is; if his or her ego needs to be that big, is he really that good?
The truly great artists don't have egos, as we already KNOW how good we are.


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