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Chris Davis wrote at 2006-08-21 04:16:15
The head of my penis has been tattooed for many years.  It was done by several artists, who were not homophobic!  Not gay, but not homophobic either.

The only thing is, the tattoo will blow out very easily, because the skin on the penis - especially the head - is super thin.  Mine has the problem that the ink went all the way thru the tissue-thin skin and down inside.  You can see "clouds" of ink under the skin, where the ink went thru and is now in the spongy tissue that makes up the head.

There's another problem, and that is, with some penises, the head has a lot of texture:  Deep folds, creases and wrinkles.  That tends to complicate things for the artist.  Then again, maybe your penis is one of those that has a smooth and shiny head.  You're fortunate if it does.

I'm having my tattoo lasered off.  So I can have it redone.  Next time, it will have a lot more fine detail in the design - single needle stuff.

treborn wrote at 2007-04-30 23:11:36
I have my wife's initials on my penis, done by Ladylectrolux in Vancouver, Canada, a very well known female tattoo shop.

jm wrote at 2011-05-28 00:55:18
Wow, that answer was full of a lot of moral and sexual judgement. FWIW, penis tattoos are rare but hardly the mind-bending thing the OR seemed to suggest, and plenty of tattooists - male or female - will professionally do them. An additional 'handling' fee, outside of the additional time it'll take (as the OR suggested) to do it, would be a good reason to walk. If you have trouble in your community, just head to a large city or contact a skilled artist and travel to get it done.  

Here's a famous one:

More concretely, who cares if it IS part of some 'sexual fetish thing'? Is that so awful? Amusingly, this kind of judgmental attitude prevailed from most of the US toward tattooing in general not too long ago.  

Jm wrote at 2011-05-31 17:33:51
How shocking; a reply that suggests the OR is being prudish and hypocritical doesn't get posted.  

Dan wrote at 2011-10-11 21:40:18
I have a heart tattoo on the head of my penis.  Right now it is only a black outline, but will be getting it filled in with red soon and thinking about the ole arrow through it.  Added to that I'm thinking about adding my wife's name above it.  It didn't really hurt, course I took precautions and used a numbing agent that worked beautifully.  My wife didn't know that I was getting the heart done and when she finally saw it I thought she might be a little annoyed, but she LOVES it.  In fact she is the one who suggested that I get it filled in.

ACE wrote at 2012-12-22 22:40:08
I find the response - continually stressing reputable tattooist will charge high rates for penis tattoos or basically refusing to do it.  WHY?  a) it's their job to tattoo, what right do they have to say I'll tattoo anything except a penis?  B# Why should they charge more? again it's their job.  c)To state its too odd a fetish seems very hypocritical after all isn't getting all your body#except your penis) tattoo a pretty strong fetish?  


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