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Cynthia Hilderbrand wrote at 2013-03-10 20:26:56
There is little help for the expenses one incurs as the victim of domestic violence.  Only moving expenses...if and only if you can find a job in the same field of the job you left, and only if there is not a "significant break"  between jobs.  Medical expenses only if you itemize and they exceed the allowable 7%.  At least you have a child for a tax break.  Try this at 55 with no children! My advice based on my own 2012 near death experience, having been strangled nearly to death = figure out a way to survive...even if it means sacrificing your moral standards.  Get a mean dog...and buy a .38. Learn how to use it. They will let him out of jail in no time at all.  

Tax Law (Questions About Taxes)

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