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Husband and I owe approx $27K to the IRS and $2K to the state for back taxes that have gone unpaid for the last 5 years due to unemployment and medical issues.  I am now working again and want to start paying these off before my wages get garnished.

I tried to do an offer in compromise when I wasn't working but didn't file because I couldn't come up with the paperwork they required regarding receipts, etc.

I have contacting companies, then individual tax attorneys to have some of my questions answered but all of them want a huge amount of money. I don't mind paying for advice but they seemed excessive.

What I want to know is:

1.  Should I hire someone to negotiate for a smaller amount or should I just start a payment plan?
2.  How can I keep my bank account and wages from being levied/garnished?
3.  What are my options and how much would it cost to have someone do it versus doing it myself?

I appreciate you taking the time perform this service. I need to pay these taxes and want to know the options.


The Offer program is very specific with the IRS. Fortunately, the program is the most liberal it has been in many years.

1. This is impossible to answer to answer unless your financial situation is known. I will say this however -- if you have assets, like a 401K or retirement account that is more than, say, $40K or so, forget the offer.

2. To keep your wages from being garnished, get on a formal payment plan with the IRS.

3. Doing it yourself is of course, free. Fees for offers can range from $750 up to $5,000 and more. The problem is that the process is often not simple. Dealing with an offer specialist can be frustrating and quite often, an appeal is required. This required a lot of time.

I would be happy to evaluate to see if you qualify for an offer or not. There is no charge for the evaluation. You can make your own decisions from there. My office number is 661-724-1041.

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