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my friend and his daughter have been living with me this whole year of 2012. he does not work now. from what he told me he didnt make enough when he did work earlier in the year to even have to file taxes. anyway, since he and his child were living in my house and i was the only one working and i supplied for both he and his child, can i claim his child on my tax return for this year? he said that i could but i just wasnt sure. he has full custody of his daughter, so the mother trying to claim the daughter would not be an issue. i live in lancaster county, pennsylvania. if you could let me know what your thoughts are on this, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for your help.


If he had any income he should claim the child since he will get Earned Income Credit.  You could claim him since you provided more than half of his support.  If jhe had no income you can claim both of them but you won't get EITC or the child tax credit since you are not related to the child.


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