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I worked for a company as a nurse giving flu shots.  Everyday, I travelled to a new location, almost always outside my home city.  I returned home each night.  May I deduct the miles traveled?  It seems as I should be able to as all locations were temporary.  I also worked from home for this same company as I completed paid training online.  I also had to engage in a lot of online ongoing education and communication; checking for job postings, signing up for jobs, etc.

Hi Timothy,

You may have trouble convincing the IRS that this is temporary mileage as the very nature of the employment was to drive to a different location every day.

Temporary mileage is generally considered so when you have a fixed place of employment and travel to a different job site on a temporary/infrequent basis.

You did not state whether you are paid as an employee or as an independent contractor. If paid as an independent, and you have a home office, the mileage may be deductible.

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