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Hello. I'm not sure if mine is a unique situation. During the past 9 months I have rented out my primary residence for short-term vacations (<10 days). I use a national/world-wide home rental website and my bookings total aprox. 25% of the year. I simply prepare my home and move to my daughters when it is rented. I do have a state room and board license and pay my taxes quarterly. My question is: For income tax purposes, how does the federal government view my situation? I was confused over the 15-day rule...did that mean that I can rent for periods less than 15 days, or is that a total of 15 days in the year? Am I considered a small business?
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The 15 day rule is in total for the year. Otherwise you just simply figure out your use percentage between personal and rental and that is what you use to determine what percentage of the homes expenses are applicable to the rental and your personal use.

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