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I own house and 4 acres on 1 deed.  Want to subdivide and sell off 3 acres of land to a developer. Will keep house as is primary residence. Don't plan on selling house in near future. Will the sale of the land-only be considered a long-term gain, short term, or straight out income to be taxed in the year of sale?  Understand if sold all as one deal we could use the capital gains waiver up to first $500,000 in  profit, is this correct?  Owe $180,00 on present mortgage. Want to pay off house and see how much actual profit will walk away with after taxes. We live in Maryland.  Thank you very much for your time and expertise.

Hi Terrie,

You are correct in that is everything is sold in one deal you can use the $250,000/$500,00 exclusion if you meet the tests.

You cannot use the exclusion on the sale of the vacant land itself *unless* you intent to, and do sell your primary residence within 2 years either before or after the sale of the vacant land.

I would classify the sale of the land as long term capital gain as long as you held it for one year or more.

See Page 3 of IRS Publication 523 here:

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