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I owe the IRS more than $10,000. I am unemployed so I am paying $100 per month to the IRS. I see these commercials on TV where the add says that firms can reduce, or eliminate your taxes owed to IRS.

I was wondering if your thoughts on this is true, or not?

Thank you for the time.

It is questionable whether or not your taxes owed to the IRS could be reduced or eliminated, but what is certain is that you may qualify for relief from having to pay what you owe if your your net assets, and net disposable monthly income indicate that you can not reasonably be expected to pay what is due.

In order to do this IRS secures financial information from taxpayers, and then reviews and verifies the information for a collection determination.  Since the IRS is not engaged to protect your interests in these matters it is always prudent to secure the services of a tax resolution professional who can help you present your financial circumstances in the best possible light for a reduced payment settlement, and stand guard to ensure that IRS personnel do not intentionally or unintentionally take actions detrimental to your best interests.  

So; yes, the commercials are true to a certain extent.  But buyer beware; the companies running TV commercials are notorious for being some of the worse run, unstable, and unethical tax relief companies in the business.  You would be well advised to secure the services of a Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent, or even an attorney provided that they have verifiable extensive experience doing this type of work.  

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