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Hello:  I am a resident of the state of Oregon.  I was paid some unemployment benefits early in 2013 ($3240).  After a series of hearings, it was decided that I left work voluntarily, and that I was not entitled to benefits.  The state is now asking for repayment. While I am certainly not happy to be paying them back, I intend to do so in the next few days.  Can you tell me how these benefits and repayment will be reported to Oregon Dept. of Revenue and the IRS?  Will I still get a 1099-G stating the benefits as income, and then the repayment would be a deduction, or will the income just not be reported?  I did have the benefits taxed when I was receiving them.  Thanks.


You will report it as income and follow the instructions when you are filling out your return for the return (over payment) of unemployment benefits that you have paid back.  Since they have with held income tax from your unemployment benefits and you will get to use those payments to pay any additional tax that you may owe or in case of a refund get that money refunded to you.


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