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I am 17 year old and my father pasted away in June of last year (2012) and me and my brother are the beneficiaries and we can have a lump sum of 58,000 Aprox. or 200 a month for life, and i have been looking into inherited IRAs, roth IRAs, and rolling the money into my IRA, i was hoping you could give me the best way to get the most money with the least amount taxed. i was looking at inherited IRAs the most and it says something about required minimum withdraws and i was a bit confused, if you could help that would be awesome.


With an inherited IRA you must make annual withdrawals and if it's a Roth IRA it wouldn't be taxable unless the owner of the Roth IRA had not started taking distributions.  I suggest you consult an Enrolled Agent (meaning that they are entitled to represent others to the IRS or a Tax Attorney.


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