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Dear John,

I am an employee of a church and I went on a missions trip to Brazil in 2012. However, the trip was not affiliated with the church I am employed at, and no one else from my church went on the trip. I personally raised funds for my trip through an online fundraising service and had the money sent to my church, who in turn cut me a check for the entire amount of money that I raised.

I ended up raising more money than I needed for my trip, so I gave back the extra money to my church and they deposited it in their general mission fund. I can show receipts for every penny I spent on my trip as well as the funds I gave back.

Question: Was the church correct to give me a 1099-MISC with the total dollar amount that I raised for my trip reflected in box 7 "Nonemployee compensation"?

Thank you,



The IRS requires anyone paid $600.00 or more to be reported by the payor in your case its a 1099.  It is up to you as the receiver of the money to explain it by filing the proper paper work to the IRS.  In most cases that is either an information return or a tax return whichever applies in you situation.


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