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I am a television and film editor. I do editing, visual effects, color matching and titling. My commercials, television show's and movies run nationally. Everything I watch is R&D for my daily work. Can I write off my new television and cable bill?


I had an interesting audit a few years back. A Registered Nurse wrote off her entire cable bill claiming she watched the Heath Channel and that it aided her in her job. I was hoping that that auditor would not notice the cable bill write off but of course he did.

When I explained, with my best poker face, why the taxpayer write off the cable bill, he burst out laughing, which caused me to burst out laughing.

He offered me 33% of the bill and I agreed.

In your case, I would approach it like this: be practical. How much of the TV shows do you watch actually affect your work? If it's 100% then write off 100%. If it's 90%, then write off 90%. IRC Section 162 allows a taxpayer to deduct all expenses that are "ordinary and necessary" to perform their job.

If you have a wife and/or children that watch TV, obviously their watching TV does not help you. Be reasonable. The IRS normally is reasonable when a taxpayer is --- most of the time.

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