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I own an accounting firm and as such I act as an accountant, not a tax or CPA person.  If a client tells me to book an expense as business what responsibility do I have to tell him no when it is a gray area?  IE:  Client purchased land in another city and put his collection of Army trucks on it for storage, the trucks belong to the business.  He also has an RV there that serves as an office for him when he goes up there on the weekends.  I know many times he has taken his family there for a weekend get a away and all of his meals and fuel and anything else related to the trip he has told me to put against the business.  In my mind it isn't my place to tell him no, the most I do is make good notes for the CPA for tax time and tell them to ask for supporting documents.  

Also as an accountant, is it my responsibility to know the tax laws?  Again, in my mind, it shouldn't be and I always advise clients to ask their CPA for how to handle things.  If I wanted to do taxes (which I do not) I would go into that field.  

Please clarify if you can.  A CPA and I are having a pi**ing match right now since he's telling me it's my responsibility to know all of the tax laws.  

Thank you.

Dear Sue,

All paid tax preparers are responsible for compliance to IRS code of tax return they sign for the clients.

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I.J.Zemelman, EA

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