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Hi, not sure if you can help me on this situation.
    I am single, an only child and a resident of Virginia. My mother resides alone in a co-op in NYC. My father passed away in 2007. My parents purchased the co-op back in 1985. The co-op lease/deed did not include my name thereon and ONLY had my mother and father's name on the co-op deed. Recently, my mother and myself decided to have our attorney change the deed by having my fathers name removed and my name added onto the deed with my mom (my mom was appointed executor). My question is this:  In the event that my mom passes away, and assuming I were to sell the co-op, what would be my basis for tax purposes since my name was just recently in 2013 added onto the deed with my mom. I wasn't sure if the basis was diff. b/w the value of the apt. when it was purchased in 1985 wrt selling price now OR diff. in value of the co-op at the time my name added to the deed in 2013 and sell price? Also, another qust. I was wondering was would I have paid less taxes if my name was SIMPLY LEFT OFF OF THE DEED and I simply INHERITED it from my mom through probate since the basis would I think be the diff. b/w co-op value at time of inheritance and selling price. I am really not sure of these answers but would gratefully appreciate any advice.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to help.
With kind regards,

Bigger picture.   

How much is Mom's estate going to be?  Roughly?   Taxable estate or not?

Generally, adding you only guarantees that you don't get a step up in basis on 1/2 of any increase in value from now till her death.

I don't think I would have put your name in the deed.   And you do have a gift track return to file.  By the way!!!   I only charge $500. Seriously.  You (mom
Actually) has a return to file.   No tax. But just the same a return is now past due

Also, does the co-op board by laws allow child immediate ownership?

And how can your mom be executor of her own estate? Not possible.   Did you mean is day's estate from 6 or 7 years ago...

Crappy lawyer you have.  What an waste of his time and your money !!!  

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