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My community just reached the occupancy level to take over the HOA from the developer.  We checked and the developer never obtained an EIN for the community, but did file the necessary paperwork to incorporate the community HOA as a not profit corporation.  I have reviewed the IRS online form to obtain an EIN and have 2 questions:
1. If I list myself as the Responsible Party (as a trustee and officer), will we need to update anything in two years when my position is taken over by a different homeowner?
2. What address and phone # would we list for the HOA on the EIN request?  We have a PO box, but the instructions say not to use PO boxes.  We do not have any HOA specific phone numbers.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


A corporation must have a physical address and it must have a telephone number of a person that IRS can contact who has legal authority to make decisions for the corporation.  That is a decision that the corporation should make when it has a meeting to elect officers.  I can not answer that question for you.  

I do know that a corporation has members (shareholders) who elect officers to conduct business in the name of the corporation.


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