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If my assets are very considerably less than the Estate Tax exclusion of $5 million, why is it necessary to complete Form 709. It does not make sense for people of modest means.....several hundred thousand dollars in assets to be forced to complete Form 709 (and need to pay for someone to complete it).It simply does not make sense to me.
What is the downside of not completing Form 709.
Can I not simply sign an oath to the IRS if questioned.

sort of like speeding.  no harm no foul if the tree falls and nobody notices.

the law is that you need to file a return.  true, no tax due if you dont. but i cant advise you to skip it but likely 99.99999% never any damage.  

in the 1 million'th chance you get audited, yah a penalty could apply.

not a big deal. but it is due and required.  

your call

and I only charge $500.... cant imagine any local cpa would charge much more


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