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QUESTION: Hello John,

I, as an individual, loaned a sum of money to a small business. they pay me interest, and I get 1099 at the end of the year.   Now I decide to transfer or gift 100% of the interest paid to a non profit organization as a cash donation.   What would be better?  to receive the interest from the business and then donate it OR have that business donate that interest directly to an NPO?  is there benefit in either case and to whom?
Thank you

ANSWER: Michael,

Thanks for your question.

It does not matter.  You are the beneficial recipient of the interest, regardless of what you instruct the debtor to do with the interest.  In either event, you must report the interest on your tax return. Of course, either way, you get a charitable contribution deduction for the amount given.

Hope this helps.

John Stancil, CPA

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QUESTION: Thanks.  Unless, they don't pay me any interest but rather donate an equal amount to the NPO. then I don't have to claim anything. right?

The problem with that is two-fold. One, it would have to be a non-interest bearing note and you could not compel them to pay the interest. Second, depending on the amount of the note, the IRS could impute interest. When this happens they make you pay tax on the amount of interest you should receive.

John Stancil, CPA

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