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I returned from a foreign US Govt assignment in 2013.  Dept of Justice issued a W2 for relocation.  Box 1: 15652.00; Box 12a-12d: "P" 4995.00.
I entered the W2 as normal and specified the box 12a as item "P" excludable income.  However, H&R Block added the 4995.00 to my income to figure AGI whereby my taxes due went up.
How should I correctly enter this W2 please?

Dear Suruj,

H&R Block did half of the job.

With code P used on W2 they were supposed to file form 3903 (Moving Expenses) and exclude $4995 reported as "conditional" income on W2.

Without form 3903 amount under code P is not substantiated as qualified moving expenses.

Hope this helps

I.J.Zemelman, EA

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