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My boyfriend and I would like to get married but I'm afraid of inheriting a tax nightmare because he hasn't filed a tax return since approximately 2002. He was incarcerated on and off between 2003 and 2011 and hasn't held a regular job since 2003. He's currently self-employed although he makes very little. He's turned his life around in a big way but I'm afraid that these tax issues might be a problem if he tries to go legitimate.

I'm a regular tax filer, own a home, and have a child who will be starting college soon.

If we marry will I incur any penalties based on his lapse in filing?

What are the penalities for not filing (no reported income)and could I possibly be held responsible for something he did?


It is my opinon that he should go to the IRS office an clear up any past due tax he may owe.  Then you will know if you should marry him.  If he doesn't corrected it now and you do get married to him it could cause you a lot of grief if not a tax debt also.  I can not give legal advice you must consult with an attorney for that I am not an attorney.  An what I wrote above is only an opinion.


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