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We authorized our CPA of 5 years to E file our taxes after signing we immediately noticed many errors he had made. We called and stopped him from sending them. He informed us he would make the corrections and we would need to review the returns before filing. His first revision still contained errors. His revision to the revision contained more errors. And his revision to the revision of the revision was still wrong. When we spoke with him about his errors he got very mad at us, stating he already has spent to much time on our taxes. He then demand $450 more to complete them, that was on top of his normal fee that we already paid him . When we refused he said "what do u want to do". We told him it would best that we part ways and we would hire another firm to complete our taxes.(we did not ask for any refund.) Later that week after we fired him, we find out the he send in the first copy of our taxes ( the one that contained the most errors) when asked why he did that he relied " because I could ...I have your signatures." WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

First, I am sorry and appalled to hear of such an experience with a tax professional.  Standards that all tax preparers must adhere to or lose their license prohibit conduct such as this.  

As for what to do about it, you should secure the services of a different ethical and competent tax preparer.  That person should get a copy of your Account Transcript, and Record of Account, for the tax year in question to confirm what has been received and posted by IRS and your state for the tax year in question. They should then have an in depth interview with you to discuss what income and deductions should be reported for this return.  With this in hand they should then be able to prepare amended tax returns for you to set the record straight about your filing for this year.

After that is accomplished I would demand a full refund and an apology from the tax preparer who has created this problem for you.  If they are not willing to undo the damage they created I would report them to the appropriate regulatory agency.  That would be their state board of accountancy if they are a Certified Public Accountant, or the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility if they are an Enrolled Agent.

Good luck!

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