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HELLO MR.MCCONNAUGHY, First of all thank you in anticipation of your time. I reside in Virginia and will soon be selling a house I've owned in New York for many years. My question is two-fold.
1- Should I hire a NY based CPA or one in Virginia to deal with my Capital Gains Tax and return? I'm guessing Federal law is such that I can hire a CPA in Virginia to handle my Capital Gains issues and tax return from selling my NY house. Do you agree?
2- Should I hire a lawyer during the sale of said house and should I hire one locally where I reside in Virginia or one in NY?

You don't believe me fo you???

Have you Google barker yet?

The reason I told you to look up a google result is that people who own property in New York are deemed to be NEW YORK RESIDENTS and MUST PAY NEW YORK RESIDENT TAX - EVEN IF THEY LIVE IN VIRGINIA SINCE 1992!

Barker was a resident of New Canaan CT and had a small summer place that they went to for several weeks a year - that was enough to get them into NY resident status. This has been confirmed for a guy who owned his parent's house in Staten Island and never ever ever went there.  (as is your case).

I was trying to save you a little heartache by making you look up the answer and generating an a ha moment.

As much as you dont like the answer (think about mr barker who had an over $1m wall street bonus at question)...  ALL your VIRGINIA non wage income will be apportioned to New York over the last 24 years.

Like I intimated - you need help and need it FAST>  sorry you thought I was not knowledgeable or thought that you knew more about tax law than me (did you even do the google search?)

yes, it sounds incredible but it is quite unfortunately for you and mr barker very true and real.  

good luck if you dont address this (i suggest to most of my clients to follow the New York voluntary disclosure process and pay 3 years of tax on the non wage income. if your cap gains, interest and dividends are not very much than no harm no foul).  Failure to address it leaves you open to assessment and penalty and interest for ever.


Either should be good

But you should have been filing taxes all along in ny.

Google "barker tax appeal new york resident tax"

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