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when i file a joint tax return with my husband, the outcome without me reporting all of my income is high. My question is....can i file the return this way, collect that refund, then make an amended return reporting the rest of my income whether i will owe or not? will the irs already know and subtract whatever i dont report from my first tax return or will i get that refund and then get notification that i owe?

pretty much im trying to get that money, then if i even do owe anything after amending, i want to pay it back either in payments or with my next years taxes.

is this possible?


You're treading on dangerous territory here and coud be charged with criminal fraud if they catch you. I cannot advise you to do what you propose, as even advising such action is a violation of my professional code of ethics.

Criminal fraud can carry heavy monetary fines as well as a jail term.

John Stancil, CPA

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