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I have TurboTax and have used it for years.  I was just doing my regluar Federal Tax filing jointly with my wife, when a new question popped up.  It asked if I have a child or relative to whom I give more than 50% support living with me.  My 34 year old daughter and her 8 year old son live with us.  She has a part-time job which allows her only about 10% of her support.  I provide the home, her car insurance, almost all of her food, her cell phone and some clothes.  Would this qualify for me to claim her?  
She is doing transcription for her job and they don't take out any tax, so she will most certainly owe.  Will my claiming her effect anything she may get on a return?  
I usually do her taxes as well so if I can claim her, do I click the box that asks if someone else can claim her?

Dear Brett,

You are about to do the most costly mistake - claiming your daughter with her son on your own tax return.

If you did your daughter taxes correctly, she should have gotten every year $1000 child tax credit + earned income credit (amount depends on her income).

If you did not get those credits for her, I recommend to contact a professional  to file amended returns for 3 years and reclaim lost refunds.

Claiming your daughter as a dependent will disqualify her from all refundable credits.

I.J.Zemelman, EA

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