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I moved to Croatia with my husband 2013, we did not file tax return for 2014 and I am just wondering if we had to. My husband earrings for 2014 is around 1,500 $ average currency converted. Is this amount under must to file? If not please let me know or if we have to file how we do it? Here is Croatia no expert, is it possible that you can do it?
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Dear Jadranka,

If your husband earnings for the entire year is $1,500 and you did not have other income, then your household is below the threshold for the filing obligations. See

Even if this is his monthly salary, you are still below the filing threshold.

However, if you have any - even small - income from the U.S. sources (bank interest, dividends, rental property) - you are required to file and report your worldwide income. You will most likely be exempt from any taxes yet reporting is necessary.

Please also be advised that  you have to report your foreign bank accounts if the aggregated value on the accounts exceeds $10K at any time during the year.

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