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Joe the tax man wrote at 2015-03-06 20:52:00
Karen must work for one of the chain tax preparers,  in that her response is incorrect.  You may still claim the difference between the amount reimbursed by your employer and the federal milage rate, currently 56 cents per mile.  You are still limited by the 2% floor in miscellaneous itemized deductions.  

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I will help you with your questions regarding personal taxes and sole-proprietorships. I prefer not to answer questions regarding Coporations, Partnerships and LLC`s... Been in accounting and tax preparation field for 38 years, in business for myself in the same fields for 10 years prior to retirement due to disability.


Been in the field of bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation for 38 years. Had my own bookkeeping and accounting firm for 10 years and then turned it over to my daughter when I became disabled.

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