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Hi:  I am thinking of establishing an IBC (International Business Company) in Belize for privacy to own an online internet company (not porn or anything bad).  I am going to want to have it just as pass-through to the 1040, i.e. a "disregarded entity".  As I understand, I should do the following:

1)       Fill out form SS-4 requesting an EIN for the Belize IBC, correct?  Or, is there an IRS # to call?  Or, do I not need an EIN?

2)       Then, I when I get the EIN, I use the 8832 form, correct?


Hi Josh,

You do not need to be a disregarded entity in order to have the tax pass-through.  You can be a single member LLC and still get the pass-through status, I recommend you discuss with a CPA before choosing the disregarded entity.  

You can fill out the SS-4 online or you can call the IRS in order for them to help you.  If you then choose to become a disregarded entity you would then file the 8832.  

I think it would be worth to meet with a CPA first.

Hope that helps.

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