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   I've been working on the mississippi river since i was twenty. The year of 2012 I made a little over 37000 dollars. For a minute i thought , man i'm going to do well during tax returns. Today I am away from home working and my wife explained that i would only get at least 1500 to 2000 dollars back if i claim only me and my son or 1000 dollars if i claim head of household, carry her, and my son as dependants. She works and only made close to or a little over 5000 last year. Our son was born june 7th 2012. he's about to be 8 months next week. I thought i'd be getting at least a good amount of my money back from how much i made along with carrying my wife and son: at least 4000 thousand. Hell other people i know getting over 4 to 7 thousand back in returns. Did i do something wrong? Or are they looking at it wrong? Jackson hewett did my estimate. i haven't filed yet because wanted to try to get ideas and investigate to find a way to get more back.

Good question. Most times your refund is based on how much you have taken out for taxes each paycheck - so those other people probably use a higher tax rate for deductions. You might invest in a software program - like Turbotax - and take a look at the options yourself. And, you would save a few bucks over JH. One positive way to look at your low refund is that you get more to spend every paycheck since the government is getting less.  

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