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I will come into a small inheritance this year.  I plan to max out my 401k for the rest of the year to the maximum $23k (I'm over 50) and make up the difference in income by tapping the inheritance.  It will more than double my current bi-weekly contribution for the remainder of this year.  This will significantly reduce my tax liability for 2013.  Is there any chance this could trigger the AMT?  Thanks!

David - I wish I could answer your question, but I do not have enough information to do so.  I would have to have a look at your entire situation, all sources of income and all deductions.  The AMT is triggered based on numerous factors.  You have not provided me any of the factors necessary to determine whether AMT would be triggered.  This type of question is best answered across the table from a qualified tax professional.  I suggest you do a search for an Enrolled Agent in your area at this link:

I hope this helps!

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