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Tax Planning/distribution of irrevoc. trust before death


Are there certain condition where you can withdraw some funds out of the trust, realizing it is not a gift but taxable, if the trustee and grantor are in agreement?  An amount of $8000 or less to help supplement social security and disability of the beneficiaries./......

If the trust is irrevocable, then the trustees are obligated to operate within the terms that are specifically laid out in the trust document.

If the trustees do otherwise, they can be held personally liable if it becomes a fiscally unsound action.

Here is an example:

You are the beneficiary, you ask, beg, plead, whatever for the money, and they give it to you. You can immediately turn around and sue them for not following the terms of the trust. They would have to pay personally for whatever loss that occurred.

You could ask them for a loan. . . you could then sue them for making a risky loan if lending is not part of the plan that is laid out in the trust.

Just for the record, irrevocable trusts are almost never a good idea.  

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