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My father got my sister a job when she was 14 years old.  My father did the hiring, and helped my sister fill out the application.  He put her age at 15 years old, when she was really 14 years of age.  She is getting close to retiring, and is now 59.  Will she have any explaining to do when she turns 62 and wants to draw Social Security ?

Kind Regars,  Anne

Getting a job, and getting a Social Security number are totally separate. Your Dad had no reason to err on the birthdate for the Social Security Application.

As far as the job application, that private company document has nothing to do with the social security administration.

If the Birthdate were wrong on the social security admin forms, you could submit evidence of the error and get it changed with the SA, but she'd just show as 63 when she planned to retire at 62. It would not delay her ability to collect.

This made me smile because my Dad taught me to say "I'm going to be 16" when asked for my age when I was looking for a job at 14. He figured they'd either assume I was older than I was or if I was questioned further I'd get credit for ingenuity.  

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