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Hi Richard.  I am 67 years and have been receiving medicare benefits since July, 2013.  I am still working at my own small business.  When I called Social Security about continuing working, I was told "that's okay.  If you contribute more, your monthly check will be more."
Surprise, surprise.  I received a letter from SS telling me that based on my 2013 income, my Medicare premium will increase, which decrease from $657 to $444.  Both figures include the Medicare deductions.  I don't understand.  Is there anything I can do, short of going out of business.

Incorporate the business, and quit taking so much salary.

This would have numerous positive effects. First, you would not be paying personal taxes AND self employment taxes on all the income that the business creates. Corporate Tax Rates are much lower. Second your personal tax return would be far simpler and drastically reduce your potential for audit. This would require a corporate return, but the Corporate Return is relatively straight forward and also has a very, very, low potential for audit. Allow for succession much easier. Possibly improve client perception of your business now being bigger, more formal and substantial. And the list goes on.

Lower taxes, better treatment in your retirement, reduced exposure to audit, and something to hang on the wall as an accomplishment.

This isn't a complete answer but it is an introduction to the direction that you should go. Please call me with all the questions, and you probably have many. You may have been told things, or thought things, that do not align themselves with what I have suggested above. Let's talk them through.

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