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First off, thank you for taking your time to read my question and help me answer it!

I just started a business that manufacturers a few products. I selected manufacturing as my business classification.

I manufacture the products and then sell these for retail. I set up a single member LLC for this business.

After starting my business, I heard that manufacturers get taxed at a greater rate than businesses who only resell/retail. If this is the case, then I do know of a company that could manufacture these same products and I can just resell them.

I would like to remain a manufacturer though since I could make more money, but if I have to pay higher taxes, it won't be worth it.

Question: Do manufacturers pay more taxes than resellers/retailers? If so, what percentage more? The business is in Texas (no state income tax).

Please let me know. Hopefully I explained myself clearly!

Thank you

You are a bit out of my expertise, but here are my thoughts. I believe your business success will probably depend on your overall sales volume, not on the potential of a few percent tax difference. You assume that reselling someone else's product will be just as successful as manufacturing your own (where you control quality and product features). That said, as a reseller you will probably pay state (you may be subject if you ship out of state) and local sales taxes on top of corporate profits. As a manufacturer you usually avoid the store front type sales taxes. Best of luck.

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